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The major project is part of NGN’s ongoing development of infrastructure in Sowerby Bridge and will involve replacing 400m of existing metal gas mains with more durable plastic pipes, to ensure the continued safe and reliable supply of gas to customers in the area for years to come.

The project, will begin on the 23rd of July and is scheduled to last 9 weeks. The work has been planned in conjunction with Calderdale Council to ensure we carry out the works with as minimal disruption to traffic as is feasible. In order to complete the works safely we will need to put the following traffic management in place:

Phase 1 - Bolton Brow between Gratrix Lane and Wakefield Road. 23rd of July for approximately 3 weeks:
Right turn into Wakefield Road will be suspended (a signed diversion route to be installed). All traffic from Wakefield Road to flow into Bolton Brow as normal Access to Gratrix Lane from Bolton Brow suspended.

Phase 2 - Bolton Brow between Gratrix Lane and Wakefield Road, Approximately 3 weeks.
Work to be extended on Bolton Brow towards traffic island at the top side of the junction with Wakefield Road (o/s Donaldson Veterinary Centre).

Existing traffic signals to be suspended and replaced with 4 way temporary lights. Temporary signals to be manually controlled 7 days per week for full duration of works Access to Wakefield Road from Bolton Brow now open but controlled via the temporary lights. Right turn suspended for HGV’s from Wakefield Road into Bolton Brow (a signed diversion route will be installed). Cars and smaller vehicles to access Bolton Brow maintained and can turn in either direction as normal. Gratrix Lane to remain closed during this phase.

Phase 3&4 – Bolton Brow & Wakefield Road, approximately 3 weeks.
Temporary 4 way lights to remain in place with head on Wakefield Road extended to allow works along Wakefield Road (as far as the school)

As both sides of the traffic island are now completed, all traffic (including HGV’s) can now turn left only.

Phase 4 – Bolton Brow between Wakefield Road and East Parade:
Temporary 4 way lights to remain in place with head on Bolton Brow extended to East Parade to allow works to be completed along Bolton Brow from the junction with Wakefield Road.

Suspension of access to Bolton Brow from East Parade (a signed diversion to be installed) Existing pedestrian crossing (pelican) on Bolton Brow j/o East Parade to be suspended. A temporary crossing will be installed integral with the traffic signal head at that location

The works have been planned at this time to support the continuing works on Salterhebble being completed by the council.

The community care officer have been to the local area to speak with businesses and affected residents. Businesses have been aware that loss of business provisions are in place. We are in the process of looking into alternative parking for residents affected on Wakefield.

When the traffic management is put on we will have two experienced workers manning the lights and managing the traffic.

A press release has been sent out and far reaching letters have been sent to the local community and beyond to communicate the works.

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